"Home Health Care Services Gentle Enough For The Entire Family"

Qualis Home Healthcare Services, LLC

About Qualis Home Health Services, LLC

Our Mission

The mission of Qualis Home Health Services, LLC is simple yet impacting.  Our mission is that each and every day, we will set out to provide high quality home health services in order to yield high quality client outcomes.

Our Vision

The vision of Qualis Home Health Services, LLC is to become the leading home health services provider.

Our Values

The values of Qualis Home Health Services, LLC is grounded by our five pillars of success. The five pillars of success are: 






Why Qualis Home Health Services, LLC

The term "Qualis" is Latin for quality, and the term quality is the foundation of our very existence. We are committed to providing high-quality home health care, in which by doing so, your comfort and peace of mind are guaranteed.  

The home health industry thriving and fast-growing both locally and nationally. We understand because of the vast amount of agencies, we pride ourselves on separating us from all others. Unlike other home health agencies, at Qualis Home Health Services LLC, we offer services that are gentle enough for the entire family. We cater to moms, dads, grandparents, children, teens and the youngest members of the family with a wide range of in-home provided services.  


The "Qualis Is" Experience

Qualis Is "Demonstrated Passion & Commitment"


Qualis Is "Attentiveness"


Qualis Is "Individualized Care Plans"


Our Amazing Team

Qualis Home Health Services, LLC consists of a team of qualified and experienced health care professionals. Our staff represents a diverse team of employees in order to provide a comprehensive menu of home health services.

Each Qualis Home Health Services, LLC team member undergoes our comprehensive quality assurance on-boarding process to ensure that each dedicated healthcare professional that connects with our clients is subject to:

  1. Demonstrating a minimum of 2-3 years of  related experience
  2. Proof of active licensure and certification
  3. Extensive Verification (References, Employment & Education)
  4. Mandatory (including random) pre-employment testing (criminal and driving records, immunizations, physical examination & drug testing)
  5. Skill Assessments & Evaluations
  6. Annual employee training and assessments

Certifications, Partnerships & Recognition's

Small women and minority owned business

American Veterans Care Connection

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